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History and Development of the Association




The image of three people standing together with their heads pointing upwards forms an ancient Chinese character meaning PEOPLE. The logo of the Chinese Human Resource Management Association (CHRMA) is a depiction of this character, which also makes references to unity is strength and more people make work easier. Since its establishment, the CHRMA has enjoyed a longstanding reputation as the HRM professionals within Taiwan and has aimed to promote HR management and development as the ultimate goal of an organization.



In 1982, a group of human resource professionals in Taiwan joined forces with the management association of the ROC. They went on to form the HR Management & Development Commission (HRMDC), which signaled the emergence of an elite circle of HR professionals.


The CHRMA (the Association) was established in January 1992 as a nationwide organization composed primarily of HR professionals. The CHRMA is the most representative and the largest leading organization in the field of human resources in Taiwan. The Association now has about 2000 members, 70% from domestic companies and 30% from multinational corporations.



Objectives of the Association


The Association is a non-profit organization, established in accordance with all relevant laws. It aims to study and develop HR management, reinforce training, promote HR quality, promote communication and exchange of ideas between domestic and international HRM specialists, and increase global competitiveness.


The Mission of the Association


1.    Establish, manage and endorse an HRM specialist certification system aimed at HRM specialist managers.

2.    Conduct seminars in HR management and development, and enhance HR management training.

3.    Actively engage in research and promotion of HR management and development, and enhance the professional level of domestic HR management.

4.    Integrate the concepts and regulations of HR management and development among academic institutions, government agencies and businesses, and provide recommendations to the government with respect to modification of related laws and policies.

5.    Publish periodicals related to HR management.

6.    Participate in international activities, both within and external to the China region, to promote the exchange of theories and practices in HR management and development.

7.    Promote complementary issues related to HR management and development.


The Vision of the Association


1.    The CHRMA aspires to be the most representative, the most powerful and the most influential leading organization in the HR profession.

2.    CHRMA aspires to be a preeminent non-profit organization with an emphasis on HR services for our membership base.




The Chinese Human Resource Management Association

The Chinese Human Resource Management Association

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